“For the past nine years I’ve witnessed a crime as our youth have been robbed on a daily basis. Yonkers children deserve the same facilities and opportunities as their neighbors, which is not happening. Our once proud sports programs have become virtually nonexistent. Our arts programs lack funding and attention. Our students deserve much more than they are getting. Albany must provide more funding for Yonkers now, not later.”

List of Issues


Funding For Yonkers Schools

For the past nine years Anthony has witnessed first hand the destruction that budget cuts have had on the children of Yonkers. Poor facilities, a lack of counselors and the loss of junior varsity and modified sports have robbed our youth of the school experience that they deserve. The time has come for Albany to provide Yonkers with the same funding it does similar cities in New York State.

Common Sense Gun Laws

In 2018 gun violence has become all to common. Anthony is a supporter of gun laws that will protect all members of our community. Banning bump stocks and assault rifles, tougher laws for criminals and people with mental illness and raising the minimum age should all be priorities. The NRA’s stronghold on lawmakers must come to an end.

Human Rights

As an openly gay man Anthony understands the struggles of marginalized communities. He has had extensive interactions with leaders of various communities and understands that we often need to do more listening and the elevation of silenced voices. A priority of Anthony’s, there is no place for discrimination in our society.


Anthony has served as a social studies teacher at the high school level for the past 13 years. He understands the challenges faced by both teachers and students. Teachers need more freedom and less attachments to standardized exams. This will allow more creativity and expression for students. Special education is also an important focal point, as our special education population are often neglected. All students deserve a great education regardless of their abilities. The most conducive learning environments are individualized, safe and inclusive.

Union Strong

Raised in a union household and currently serving as a union president, Anthony understands the value and importance of these organizations in our region. In a time where big business and conservative politicians are looking to break unions, Anthony will stand by them and fight for organized labor.

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