Anthony Nicodemo Opposes Charter School Expansion in Yonkers


May 16, 2018



For the second time this year the Charter School of Educational Excellence is requesting high school expansion that will negatively effect the Yonkers Public Schools and it’s students.

CSEE is masking its previous application by claiming a regional expansion that would bring non Yonkers students into the school. This is a ploy and in fact very few parents outside of Yonkers would send their children to a charter school located in Yonkers.

Yonkers Public Schools are facing a $45 million dollar shortfall including 251 proposed layoffs. It would be irresponsible for any public official or Board Trustee to support this application.

Yonkers students have been robbed of basic services provided to their neighboring peers for far too long. Sports, arts and music, counseling and proper facilities have all been non-existent for our children. This systemic failure due to lack of funding from Albany must come to an end.

Charter schools often operate under a cloak of secrecy hiring non certified teachers, using an application process to enter the school and a flexible curriculum. Teachers are non union and underpaid. Founders use the schools to line their own pockets.

Yonkers Public Schools students deserve better and any expansion of the CSEE would only cause them more harm. If elected I plan on continuing to fight against CSEE and any other charter schools. Our Yonkers Public Schools kids and employees must be protected. 

Gay basketball coach brings passion, leadership to NY State Assembly run

Anthony Nicodemo, an out gay high school teacher, basketball coach and outspoken advocate in Yonkers, has announced his candidacy for the New York State Assembly.

The coach has been a voice on various issues over the last few years, including the well-being of student-athletes, LGBTQ inclusion, and various other issues affecting minority communities and residents of the City of Yonkers.

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The Openly Gay Coach Who Was Suspended For A LGBTQ Charity Event Is Now Running For Office

“Get ready New York voters to support a potential LGBTQ representative that’s trying to do good for the community. As Lohud reports, Anthony Nicodemo has announced that he’s running for State Assembly. If you haven’t heard of Nicodemo before, that’s ok, but know that he’s already done a lot of good for the LGBTQ community and for youth in his area.”

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Anthony Nicodemo to receive GLSEN Hudson Valley’s Leadership Award

GLSEN Hudson Valley has announced that Anthony Nicodemo will be honored with the organization’s 2018 Leadership Award for outstanding advocacy and support of the LGBTQ community.

“GLSEN has changed so many lives through various educational and awareness programs.” Nicodemo stated. “It’s an honor to receive a leadership award from such an important organization.”

The Youth and Adult Leadership Awards will take place on Thursday May 3 at PepsiCo’s World Headquarters in Purchase.

For more information please contact Mary Jane Karger, Chapter Co-Chair at (914) 962-7888.

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Statement on Section One’s Suspension of Anthony Nicodemo

Over the past six months a battle over the use of the Westchester County Center for the Section One Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball Tournament has played out in a public forum.

Despite outrage from student-athletes, coaches, athletic directors and communities, Section One leadership refused to budge. Thankfully with the assistance of County Executive George Latimer and the efforts of a few athletic directors the semifinals were salvaged and played at the County Center.

While Anthony Nicodemo has led this fight, Section One leadership has pushed back by targeting him and his LGBTQ charity event Pride on the Court. The event raised $800.00 for GLSEN Hudson Valley and Nicodemo was subsequently suspended for lack of paperwork.

Since the allegations against Mr. Nicodemo, it has come to light that the Section One Athletic Council is aware of several other events, also not approved, but leadership has chosen to ignore.

Section One is an entity completely funded by public school districts yet operates under a cloak of secrecy. Budgets, committees, agendas and meeting minutes are not available to the public and this unacceptable.

Furthermore the Section One Constitution is rarely followed, decisions are made by a few and a culture of bullying and intimidation exists. This is not how publicly funded entities are supposed to operate.

Public officials owe it to taxpayers to look into Section One’s practices and ensure that our student-athletes and coaches are provided a fair system to participate.

The suspension of Anthony Nicodemo is just one example of the unfair practices that take place on a daily basis with no recourse or consistency.

The days of Section One operating as a rouge organization must come to an end and transparency should be a common practice as with all other public entities.

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