NYS Assembly Candidate Anthony Nicodemo Condemns the Supreme Court’s Decision in Janus vs AFSCME

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NYS Assembly Candidate Anthony Nicodemo Condemns the Supreme Court’s Decision in Janus vs AFSCME

Today the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that public employees are no longer required to pay agency fees to unions for collective bargaining. Billionaire CEO’s and corporate interest succeeded in manipulating the highest court in the land.
 “Today’s decision is a textbook example of union-busting and a direct attack on the middle class. This country was built on the back of organized labor and to attack those institutions is an assault on the foundations that made this country great. ”
As President of Greenburgh-North Castle United, Nicodemo has worked closely with NYSUT leadership to combat the possible effects of the Janus decision. His local has had nearly a 100% recommitment rate exhibiting that his members understand the importance of the union.

“The most lasting and dangerous affect of Donald Trump’s victory is his influence on the Supreme Court. Americans will face decisions that will hurt the middle-class and marginalized communities for years to come.”

“As a union president, I understand the immeasurable value these associations bring to employees through the assurance that all are protected regardless of where they come from. It is imperative that we protect our unions to ensure these services continue. Protect our unions, protect our middle-class.”

Nicodemo has made union protections a cornerstone of his platform and believes unions must unite to build more power for all working people.

Lower Hudson Valley Progressive Action Endorses Anthony Nicodemo for New York State Assembly

Lower Hudson Valley Progressive Action Network endorses Anthony Nicodemo for New York State Assembly

June 8, 2018- Anthony Nicodemo is excited to earn the endorsement of Lower 

Hudson Valley Progressive Action Network (LHVPAN). 

“LHVPAN sets the bar for progressive organizations in New York State. This endorsement supports the fact that I am a true progressive in our State Assembly race. In this national political climate, it is imperative that we continually fight for the values that elevate all persons.”

“I’m grateful to have the support of like-minded progressives like LHVPAN who understand what’s best for the people of New York.” 

This is Nicodemo’s second progressive endorsement. Last week, Run for Something, a national organization out of Washington, D.C. also threw their support behind Nicodemo for the Assembly seat.  

“My goal is to run a grassroots campaign by involving many people often overlooked or forgotten by the political establishment. These endorsements will provide the resources and manpower to ensure this happens.”

LHVPAN is a chapter of the New York Progressive Action Network and was founded inDecember of 2017 following the 2016 elections. The founding chapters were all grassroots organizations that had formed during the Bernie Sanders campaign in New York. NYPAN has thirty-five chapters and affiliates throughout New York State.

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